With the new color and design changes recommended, I’m so happy with our house now. I think that a beautiful home environment has made a big difference in the quality of our life. Thank you again for your help Claudia!

Jill Ritz

I wanted to create a tranquil, sacred space in my bedroom for meditation, and hired Claudia for this project Claudia worked with the things that I really loved with the addition of a couple of furniture pieces. She helped me select paint colors, and fabrics that pulled everything together to create this truly beautiful sacred meditation space.

Claudia helped me to see the vision of what I wanted, and our consultation was fun and easy. I highly recommend her services to create the kind of space that is comfortable and pleases you!

Maxine Chavez

About two and one half years ago we moved into our new church space, which was rather drab to say the least. With Claudia’s direction, we started with painting in a color scheme that just made an extremely dramatic change in the Sanctuary. The color combinations gave the Sanctuary a very calming and warm feel that is enjoyed by everyone.

With her recommendations, we have also rearranged furnishings, replaced the curtains and put up screens on the podium to direct attention to it. Now when one enters the Sanctuary from any entrance, the focal point is the podium. One’s attention is naturally drawn to it.

Since Claudia provided us with a step-by-step design plan at the beginning, we have been able to make these changes at our own pace as our church budget has allowed. This has not only made the re-design of our church sanctuary affordable, but feasible.

Tosh Gregg

Claudia transformed my family room. The room felt larger and it was very nicely put together. She accomplished exactly what I was looking for. Very professional and did a great job. Enjoyed working with her very much.

Vonnie Collins


Claudia is able to transform a living space with her selection of colors, patterns, and flooring. Her bathroom renovation ideas are modern and very clean. I would recommend her ideas to anyone looking to renovate an entire home or just a small space.


Russ Nelson
Seller’s Advantage

I’ve seen Claudia’s magic first hand in the renovation of a dated, lackluster patio home into the cutest, bright, and airy living space. The finishes and wall colors had an elegant and calming quality with beautifully contrasting rich wood flooring. Overall, it had such an inviting and uplifting feeling. It was no wonder it sold in less than a week at the asking price! I highly recommend Claudia for your residential design needs whether for decorating, renovation, or home staging! She is so talented, and great to work with!

Sandi Pressley
Coldwell Banker Legacy
New Mexico’s top selling realtor for the past 29 years


After Claudia staged my client’s home, it sold quickly, at the price they wanted, even though a nearly identical unstaged home in the same subdivision that was priced less than theirs, remained on the market for more than 241 days. Thank you Claudia of Claudia Lucas Interiors!

Carolyn Ward, Chocolate Properties

Claudia went the extra mile to help us get a vacant house staged quickly and efficiently. She did a great job of making this home inviting and warm even though it had some challenges.

Thanks again, Claudia!

Mary Spensley
Coldwell Banker Legacy Realtor

When we were getting ready to sell our house this past spring, I knew it would be better to have it staged so I contacted Claudia right before my open house. Her touches were so inviting that I suddenly found myself falling in love with my house. It had never looked or felt so elegant! I had a full price offer almost immediately, and lots more folks who were interested and seem devastated to discover I was getting top-dollar in a buyers’ market. I am certain this was largely due to how inviting my house felt as a result of her work. Thank you, Claudia!

Nancy Bowers


I saw the terrific job Claudia did of freshening up a condo for sale. The colors are beautifully coordinated to enhance the space. The placement of the furniture is tasteful and proportionate. The accessories compliment and tie everything together. Claudia skillfully and thoughtfully brought out the beauty of this condo by utilizing space, color imagination and artistry. I am happy to recommend Claudia Lucas Interior’s staging services.

Janis Pullen

Claudia has a very aesthetically pleasing touch with her color schemes, furniture and decorating. The home appears to be so much larger than it is as a result of Claudia’s well-planned design and pleasing colors in every room. The selection of the furniture and furnishings is subtle and well thought out, and works well for the overall desired effect.

Judy Lawrence

This home looks great. The restful colors make it easy to imagine how furniture would look in the space. Claudia maximized the layout and pulled all the rooms together in a sophisticated look. Someone will walk in the door and feel right at home with dreams of moving in immediately.

Lynne S. Marcus

Claudia has a great eye for matching furnishings with spaces. Her accessories always compliment the surroundings and never overpower.

Martyne Backman

The use of colors and the arrangement of space created a warm and cozy feeling brought to every living area.

Desiree Santistevan


Claudia pointed out lots of things that I had never thought of like the height of the computer screen and the importance of back support. She also gave me some good ideas for how to keep my eyes from getting tired. After just a few days, I am already feeling the effects of putting her recommendations into practice: I feel less tired after sitting at the computer for long periods of time, and the strain in my arm and neck are starting to disappear. Thanks again Claudia for the great suggestions!

Jill Ritz



Claudia, I enjoyed your class very much. It was interesting and informative. Great ideas to help the thought process on many things, furniture arrangement, lighting, height of pictures and accessories. I would recommend this class to many people not just realtors. Everyone needs their homes to have a better flow it just makes everything look and feel the way it should. Thank you!

Vonnie N. Collins

Claudia’s classes are awesome. I learned so much to apply to my home decor. Take this class if you can.

Also, I have been able to use the tips I collected at her class in helping my clients stage their homes. Immediately useful and no cost to make effective changes working with what’s there!!

Pamela Heater
Signature Southwest Properties


I am so grateful for Claudia’s creative brilliance. Her workshop got me thinking about so many wonderful ideas, and ways to add comfort, beauty, and daily inspiration to my work space!

Rev. D.

Claudia’s presentation provided often unknown facts about the potential impact of stressful work environments and their solutions. She provided illustrations of of work environments that promote productivity. Her presentation revealed her experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Ken Lersten